Do you have pets that you love? Just because you live in—or are moving into—an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t live comfortably with your pets. Once you find an apartment that allows pets, here are three tips to make apartment living with pets easy and comfortable for all. 

1. Keep Things Organized

First things first: To make living with pets in your apartment easy and comfortable, you will need to get organized. Start by designating containers for your pets’ toys, belongings, and food. Make sure the food and snacks are in a sealed container to keep the food fresh and keep anything else out. 

Next, you will also want to pet-proof your apartment by removing common pet hazards. Make sure trash cans are closed or hidden, electrical cords are inaccessible, and household chemicals and cleaning products are out of reach. Other hazardous items can include certain houseplants, medicines, batteries, and plastic bags. 

2. Establish Designated Spaces

Once you have found places for hazardous materials and for your pets’ items, it’s time to establish spaces for your pets. For dogs, you can provide a crate or dog bed for your pup to retreat. For cats, consider a tall play tower since cats prefer high places to hang out. 

Additionally, since pets can get anxious when their owners are away, consider designating a small room or a crate that can close to keep your pets while you are away. That way, they won’t make a mess throughout the apartment.

3. Care for Your Pet

Finally, to keep your pets—and your neighbors—happy in an apartment community that allows pets, it’s vital to provide your pet with the proper care. Your pets should be trained on going potty, controlling noise levels, and obeying your commands. To improve obedience, it is helpful to let your pet get plenty of exercise. Exercise improves a pet’s mood, health, and obedience.

In addition, try to groom your pets regularly to control shedding and increase overall cleanliness in the apartment. Lastly, keep your pets entertained with play toys, walks, or other pets so they don’t get bored.

Living in an apartment with your pets may be an adjustment, but with these three tricks, your apartment can become a paradise for your pets. And if you’re still searching for such a paradise, look no further than The Jackson. The Jackson Apartment Homes is proud to be a pet-friendly apartment community, with one- and two-bedroom apartments for rent in Anaheim, California. If you are looking for apartments that allow pets, book a tour or apply today!