Are you and your roommates feeling a little stressed out lately due to the many changes and challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you are not alone! There’s plenty we cannot control right now, and that reality may leave some of us stressed out and feeling depressed. But there’s also plenty we can do to combat these feelings. 

One way to fight the monotony is to engage in crafting! As it turns out, “creative action can function as a natural antidepressant.” So with that, here are three crafts to do with your roommates to help you enjoy this uncertain time together: 

Canvas Wall Art

You don’t have to be an artist to make beautifully striking wall art! Buy a blank canvas, various brushes, and acrylic paint from an art supply store. Then, take to the internet for your painting inspiration. A colorful abstract canvas painting doesn’t take much to make, but it can sure make a huge statement in your apartment. Check out these canvas wall art ideas from Pinterest to get you started.

If you’re looking to create a more realism-inspired piece of artwork, check out YouTube for step-by-step canvas art tutorials. They break down seemingly complicated paintings into steps that beginners can easily follow and feel proud of. The result will be something you’ll love hanging on your wall. And you may have a few laughs with your roomies as you compare artistic differences in your works of art! 


Whip out your scrapbook paper, pretty embellishments, and paper cutters to put together these small-scale masterpieces with your roommates. Develop your own designs, or use these existing cards for design inspiration. You can even work together in an assembly line to “mass-produce” card design so you each have a copy. 

After you create your cards, consider writing personalized notes to friends and family members as a way of lifting up others during this stressful time. Add a treat to the delivery to maximize cheer!


Research indicates that knitting is another way to increase your happiness and sense of calm. That’s why this activity also made the list of crafts to do with your roommates. It’s also a good social craft, meaning that you can easily engage in conversation while producing wonderful, cozy creations.

If you’re unsure of how to get started, there are plenty of great knitting teachers on YouTube. Pick your favorite instructor and “cast on.” In addition, research suggests you’ll enjoy some cognitive benefits from knitting as well! Win-win!

Regardless of the project you and your roomies choose, crafting is a research-backed way to feel happier during these stressful times. While canvas wall art, card-making, and knitting are great ways to get started, the creative options are endless! Simply search “crafts for adults” on Google or Pinterest, and let the inspiration roll! Tag The Jackson on Facebook to show us where your crafting journey takes you and your roomies!