Ah, the beach. It’s tough to beat the sounds of the waves rolling in against the shore and the feel of the sand between your toes. From Newport Municipal Beach to Huntington Beach, the ocean is a favorite playground of our Anaheim-based VIPs. These shared public spaces are wonderful places to relax and recharge any day of the week. Here are three ways that we can all help to keep these places as clean and beautiful as they are in our dreams.

Join a local beach clean up.

The local Newport Beach chapter of the Surfrider Foundation holds regular beach clean up events on the first Saturday of every month. While temporarily on hold, these events are a great way to meet fellow beach enthusiasts who are passionate about keeping our beaches safe and clean for all users. While you wait for these to resume, conduct your own socially distanced beach clean-up session with your family or housemates. Spending time cleaning up the beaches you love will help you to feel a greater connection to them whenever you visit.

Be mindful of what you bring to the beach.

Many hikers are familiar with the phrase “Pack it in, pack it out” when it comes to their time in the mountains. This same “leave-no-trace” mindset should also be applied when you’re at the beach. Keep an eye out for any items that you may have inadvertently dropped. Use the provided waste receptacles or bring any items home with you to dispose of properly. If you want to go the extra mile, set a goal to pick up a few extra pieces of trash/debris that others may have left before you. If everybody does just a little bit extra, our beaches will always be clean.

Be careful with open flames.

The beach bonfire is a tradition that many of us know and love. When you’re done with your fire, it’s a great idea to bury the ashes and, after they’ve cooled, return any firepit rocks back to their original locations. It’s always better to carry out your trash rather than burning it, as burning trash doesn’t fully destroy it. Trash releases soot and ash particles that can impact local plants and animals. Plus, the air pollutants caused by trash are hard on our lungs.

Our beaches are easy to love. They’re gorgeous, fun, and a great way to unwind. Do your part to keep them awesome by joining a local beach clean up, being mindful of what you bring to the beach, and enjoying your bonfires responsibly.